"Powder coating MDF is a one coat process that follows every intricate machining detail"

Powder Coating MDF

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Powder coatings for a wide range of MDF fabrications such as;
POP Displays
Retail Displays and Shelving
Office Furniture and Screening
Wall Storage
Flat Pack Furniture
Drawer Fronts
Cabinet Carcasses
Display Equipment
Picture Frames
Nursery Furniture
Laboratory Furniture

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Production Capability
Sizes up to 3000mm x 1250mm
Capacity of 4500 sq. metres a day

Automatic Powder Coating Plant for High Quality MDF Finishing

MDF Coating Process

MDF Specialised Coaters Ltd is part of the Batchglow Group who have over 25 years specialist experience in powder coating. Our 'state of the art' plant in Sheffield is the first contract coating plant in the UK specifically built for powder coating MDF.

Powder coating is a durable, protective and aesthetically acceptable coating available in an immense range of colours, including metallic and other speciality finishes. Even the most complex items present no problems to this spray on coating.

Our modern gas fired, infra-red curing oven is supported by a huge monorail system, which means components as large as 3000mm x 1250mm can easily be catered for, and gives us a process capacity of 4500 square metres per day.

Quick, Affordable and Environmentally Friendly

One coat powder coat finishing on MDF provides a swift and affordable surface finish, one that is being increasingly widely used by furniture and woodworking manufacturers. We provide both textured and smooth powder coatings on MDF and a single coat is enough to provide a hard, durable surface that is scratch, impact and abrasion resistant.

Environmentally, powder coating MDF is completely VOC free, complying with the strictest health and safety standards.

Fire Retardant and Anti-Bacterial MDF Coatings

MDF Specialised Coatings supplies the latest fire-retardant coatings, providing the MDF with a durability of finish recognised by the Furniture Industry, in its FIRA 6250 severe use certification.

We also include BioCote anti-bacterial coatings designed to inhibit the growth of potentially lethal bacteria, including super bugs.

Please email sales@mdfcoaters.co.uk or call us on 01909 550966 and see how we can help you.